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The tracker boards are automaticly updated from the walk, jog, or run data logged on your STRAVA account. You can track your progress on your Ultimate Ultra Challenge, and see how you're doing compared to other competitors. There are monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date boards, and all can accessed here, or via the Challenge APP.

Tracker Board so far...

Scroll the list or use the Search box, and then Click on your name to view your profile, progress & stats. It may take 4 hrs for your name to appear in the list from signing up. If your name doesn't appear after 24 hrs - ensure that you've connected your registration to STRAVA and that you've set your Strava profile to 'OPEN'. If you still aren't appearing - let us know via email. 

Please Note: Any activities may take up to 4 hrs to be recorded in your profile. 

Also Note: Your data will 'back date' (to 1st Jan - max) if you were already utilising a STRAVA account.

The Challenge so far...