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Your Ultimate Ultra Challenge could be a great way of helping others by fundraising for a charity that's close to your heart. Once you've started your Challenge keep friends & family updated and link to a JustGiving page. There's no target - just whatever you can manage!

STEP 1. Just Giving Account

  • You need a JustGiving account
  • An existing account is fine 
  • If not - create a  new free account
  • Then follow Step 2

STEP 2. Join our 'Team' 

  • Follow the link below
  • Click on 'Join the Team'
  • Log in to JustGiving (or sign up)
  • Select 'Create a new page' > next
  • Choose your charity > next
  • Select 'Taking part in an event'
  • Search 'Ultimate Ultra Challenge'
  • Create your fundraising page
  • Then select 'Join the Team'
  • Your page will link to our Team
  • Team results viewd via the APP