All you need to know...


What's included?

  • Welcome pack & members card
  • A link to STRAVA - records your KM
  • Ultra Challenge branded neck buff
  • Leader Boards chart your progress
  • Ultimate Ultra APP to download
  • Invite to join Facebook group
  • End of year Certificate & Medal
  • 1000km, 1500km, 2000km Medals
  • Entry into Competitions & Prizes
  • Ultra Challenge event discounts 
  • VIP area access at Ultra Challenges 
  • Training walks / runs discounts
  • Ultra Challenge kit discounts

What is Strava?

Strava is a website and mobile app used to track athletic activity via GPS . To take part in the Ultimate Ultra Challenge you will need at least a BASIC  (free!) Strava account and downloaded onto your mobile phone. For the KM to clock up and be counted you must ensure that you are 'recording' an activity (walk, jog or run) within the app - or that your activity has been recorded via GPS on an Apple watch, Fitbit or Garmin and that links up to Strava. This way we are able to track everyone's activities - and tally the KM as the year progresses! 

Do I have to use Strava to join?

Yes - becuase it is the only way we can track the KM covered. Our registration system is linked up to Strava so once you've registered you have the option of linking your Strava profile to your registration - so we can then track the KM across the year. In order for this to work (and for us to feature you on the leaderboard) you must record your activity via GPS within the Strava app. Alternatily you can link a Fitbit, Garmin or similar type of device to your Strava account so once you've completed your activity it will automatically upload onto your Strava account. 

Please note we can only track activities which have been recorded or loaded onto Strava 

Can I take part as a team?

You must register onto the Challenge as an INDIVIDUAL - and set up your own Strava account - however if you've got friends & family who are keen walkers, trekkers, joggers or runners - why not organise your activities together.

How much does it cost?

£39 to register at whatever time of year you join - there is always time to win a prize!


It is free to set up a BASIC Strava account.

Do I need a fitness tracker?

No - all you need is a smartphone with the Strava App downloaded - from there you will be able to record your activities using your phone's GPS signal. If you do have a fitness tracker - then you can link this app to Strava - so all recorded activities are automatically uploaded into Strava (so having a compatible tracker just makes it all easier!)


How do I link up my Strava account?

During the registration process you will be promoted to 'connect' your Strava account to your registration - if you don't already have a Strava account you can set one up at this time, or alternatively you can log into your existing Strava account. You will need to give 'access' to your Strava account - this is so we can read the data from your profile. This data is then sent through to our Leaderboards and tracking! 


IMPORTANT - You must make sure your account is set to 'Open' not 'Private' - otherwise your activities will not show up in our Leaderboards. To amend this you will need to go into Settings >Privacy Controls > Under Activities uncheck 'Private by Default'. 

Setting your profile to 'Open'

You MUST ensure your account is set to 'Open'.

In order for us to read your data and for your activities to show in our Leaderboards you must set your Strava account to 'Open' - this can be done via the App on your phone:

  • Go to settings (small cog)
  • Go to 'Privacy Controls' 
  • Under 'Activities' uncheck 'Private by Default'

How can I record a walk/ trek?

If you are recording an activity (walk/ trek) via the app on your phone - that you will be presented with 2 options; 'Run' or 'Cycle'. The choice between Running or Cycling simply indicates whether speed or pace will be shown on the record screen. If you are looking to record a walk or hike - you MUST choose the 'Run' option - however you will be able to edit the name of that activity yourself as a walk or hike once it has been completed. 

Can I use other apps/ Garmin/ Fitbit devices?

Yes - you can use other apps or websites (e.g. Endemondo, Garmin, Runkeeper etc.) to record your activity - however you must link up and sync that app to Strava in order for your activities to be tracked and recorded onto our leaderboards - as they can only read data from Strava. 

All fitness watches (Garmin/ Fitbit etc.) can link into Strava - so any recorded activity using GPS on one of these devices can also be synced into Strava. So if you record a walk on your watch, it will show in that device's app, and then it will also be uploaded automatically into Strava. 

CLICK HERE to find out more >>

Does cycling or swimming count?

No - this challenge is to be done on your feet! So only walks, treks and runs will be counted - and if we see any data which looks fast (e.g. not possible to have been done on foot - then it will be discounted and you may be disqualified). This is to ensure that the challenge remains fair for all. 

Do manually loaded activities count?

No - we will only be including activities recorded directly within Strava which produce GPS/ GPX data - or manually uploaded GPX files from another source. All activities must have data associated with them so we can validate pace, speed, laps etc. 


How do I set up my Just Giving page?

You can set up your Just Giving page by simply following the link below, if you don't already you will need to create a Just Giving account in order to create your fundraising page, first you must choose your charity and your page will be created:



How will I know if I've won a prize?

We will be annoucing the winners online via our Facebook group page, through the Ultimate Ultra Challenge app - and all winners will be notified via email.

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